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Lady Violet is a true Goddess, she is absolutely stunning in every way imaginable. You will be welcomed into a very well equipped studio that is safe, secure and for your pleasure and pain only. Nobody else will be there unless agreed to. Lady Violet is a very caring person but can administer random reminders of who is in control. These can be sudden unexpected sharp little bursts of pain accompanied by a wicked smile. I trust Lady Violet 175% and can confirm that this must be a 2 way process. I cannot recommend a visit to the studio highly enough. You will not be disappointed and will float away from the session on a cloud of euphoria. Don't try to be too prescriptive with the session though, just go with the flow and your wishes may be met, but you may not know when. Get in touch with Lady Violet, make that appointment. It will be life changing for you. Her beauty alone will captivate you. Michelle x




So I session with Lady Violet recently and cannot put into words how amazing it was. This was my first session with a Domme, and had put it off for years out of being young and immature. That was my biggest mistake. If you're nervous, just go for it. You will regret not giving it the chance! As soon as Mistress opened the door, I was at ease and my nerves pretty much disappeared! I had a chat with Lady Violet over my likes and dislikes and she was more than accommodating. Session begun with my being ordered into a sissy maid PVC outfit, which I put on the wrong way round to begin with ... Fair to say I gave Mistress a laugh lol, and throughout the session we explored bondage, humiliation, smoking fetish and pegging. Oh the pegging. Lady Violet definitely loves pegging, and I think she enjoyed how much I was weeping at it. Overall I could not have asked for a better session, Lady Violet is funny, easy going and just an all round pleasure to have served! I am hoping to be a lifelong Sissy to Mistress, and Cannot wait for our next session! Thank you Lady Violet Sissy Stacy xx



I met and sessioned recently with Violet as part of a Multi domme session during my sissy schoolgirl roleplay punishment session and am happy to give her a review.Violet was introduced halfway through the session to me as the Head Girl a part she played to great effect.Immediately as she walked into the room she made an impression on me. Violet was dressed as the head girl in school uniform and really looked the part. Violet is tall and very pretty indeed with lovely long hair and also has an presence about her an air of authority and you know that she will demand your respect even before she says a word.Violet oversaw my writing of punishment lines and kept up a steady stream of scolding about the standard of my behaviour and writing.She played the part of a strict and bossy head girl to great effect was extremely inventive keeping me on my toes and wondering what she was going to do next.Violet has a wicked sense of humour which shines through even though she takes absolutely no nonsense during the session.I was also spanked a few times on the backside and the back of thighs by her and Violet spanks very hard indeed.I am sure anyone who books a session with Violet will have a most enjoyable time and I would recommend her highly.Thank you Violet





My session was amazing. Had the pleasure to enjoy a general conversation whilst worshipping her which to me is a great mix. Sociable and powerful. Highly recommend her to any other sub that has not yet had the pleasure



Lady Violet was incredible. Despite being so tense and nervous about the whole experience, being my first session, she got me completely relaxed and knew exactly how to please me.I hope to see Lady Violet again soon, she's promised she'll be able to fist me elbow deep next time. I want to show her how right she is.




There is no better person you can go to help explore your kinky side. Can be the most terrifying yet lovely domme you will come across knows how to get you to open up about what you want to try and also helps you come out your comfort zone and try new things. In short there is no better domme out there and I feel so lucky to have met her and be one of her subs 



Lady Violet is an incredibly beautiful, adorable, effervescent person with an fantastic warm, welcoming personality. I had the honour to visit her recently and experienced an incredible time in her company. Lady Violet agreed to smoke a large cigar during the session and that on its own would have been heaven, but added to that were making me wear high heels, having 5kg of weights hanging from my balls, time spent in the vac bed with breath control, nipple clamps, ever increasing sized sounds and needles. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful experience in the safe hands of a dedicated Dominatrix who has a devilish sadistic streak running all the way through her. I was smitten and will return for a much longer session, where I hope to be submitted to inescapable bondage, mental and physical torture. You are incredible Lady Violet, absolutely incredible. M



I recently went back for my second session with Lady Violet and it was brilliant. Lady Violet knew exactly how far she could take me and took into consideration everything I wanted and was nervous about.After being tied and teased, getting me ready, Lady Violet worked up to what I thought we couldn't do. Her whole fist! Wow. Even more, after good fisting Lady Violet used her well named "Hell Boy" dildo on me. The biggest dildo I've ever experienced, deeper than I've ever taken on. Just what I need.I was then fucked so perfectly; deep, hard and endlessly by Lady Violet. Latex/leather catsuit, strap-on, heels and I was dressed up in a suitable little dress, stockings and suspenders.I wish I could spend every day like that. Worship Lady Violet. Be used as a little fuck toy.

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