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The more information you can provide me with regarding your fetishes and what you're looking for in a session on your booking form, the better the experience. As I will be able to mentally prepare, plan out and put myself in the required headspace for our time together.

All sessions I offer, require a deposit. this is non-negotiable. This MUST be transferred by electronic means. I do not offer meets to receive payment of the deposit. All deposits are non-refundable. 

do not submit a request for me to do whatever I want because I will literally tie you up and leave the room to let you contemplate such an unresearched request and call you an idiot in the process. I expect you to have done your research not only into what you want to explore but also, into myself as a Dominatrix and to the dungeon I work from. if I feel you have done absolutely no research into any of this, I WILL refuse your session on the advice that you go and do you. It's for your safety as well as mine, so we both know what we are getting into. I adore taking on fresh new submissives but with this comes some due diligence, on your part, of looking into service before you hand over such responsibility to another person.

Very rarely i will be able to offer same-day sessions, if they are offered they will be advertised on my social media accounts with a surcharge due to short notice. Applications for filming slaves will be considered(tribute & requirements vary). 


deposit of £50 per hour booked (e.g 1 hour £50 1.5 hours £75 2 hours £100)

1 hour - £150

2 hours - £250

3 hours - £350

4 hours - £460

TEXT 07570898577 EMAIL

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Thanks for submitting!

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